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With Mega Jackpot you have an opportunity every week to win up to 1,250,000 ETB with a stake of only 10 ETB. Predict 13 games correctly for the big prize, with smaller prizes for 11/13 and 12/13 correct games.

Predict the results of all 13 games.

Place your bet with 10 ETB.

Win 1,250,000 ETB if you get 13/13 correct predictions.

Mega Jackpot

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The Winner.ET weekly Mega Jackpot is your ticket to massive prizes! Here’s your chance to score big:

How to Play:

📆 Predict the outcomes of 13 thrilling football matches and 2 reserve games.

✔️Stake 10 ETB for one prediction per match.

💰 What Prizes Await You?

13/13 Predictions: 1,250,000 ETB Jackpot

12/13 Predictions: Win up to 100,000 ETB

 11/13 Predictions: Win up to 50,000 ETB